​Artist Jimmy Engineer has received over 80 shields of honour and over 28 awards more than any other Pakistani Artist.

1. The All-Punjab Cultural Award in 1976.

2. The All-Punjab Painting Exhibition First Prize in 1978.

3. Gold Medal in Nation Wide Islamic Painting Exhibition In 1978.

4. Gold Medal for the best Performance in Fine Arts by the Literary Society of Pakistan.

5. Award by the Literary Society of Pakistan (Bazme-e-Shua-e-Adab) in 1979.

6. An Award in the National Exhibition In Islamabad in 1981.

7. An Award by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in Islamabad in 1981.

8. The National Award for Minorities in Fine Arts in 1983.

9. The Rotary Youth Leadership Award for outstanding performance in painting 1986 to 1987.

10. The National Endowment of the Arts Award Usa in 1988.

11. The Peshro Youth Club Award for Best Calligrapher in 1989.

12. The New Age Leadership Award for Humanitarian Service by The Galaxy of Youth Association in 1991.

13. The Allama Muhammad Iqbal Memorial Award Presented for Outstanding Performance in Painting by Ghanchi Community in 1992.

14. CAK Award Presented for Outstanding Performance in Painting by Catholic Association of Karachi in 1992.

15. Gold Medal presented for Outstanding Performance in Painting by Ghanchi Youth Council in 1993.

16. An Award by the Pakistan Boy Scouts Association in 1993.

17. Medal presented by Society for the Welfare of Poor Patients (S.W.P) in 1993.

18. Gold Medal presented by International Cosmopolitan Rotary Club of Pakistan for Humanitarian Services Rendered in 1997.

19. Human Rights Medal presented for Humanitarian Services Rendered by The Human Rights Society of Pakistan in 2000.

20. Life Time Achievement Award for Humanitarian Services by Karachi Welfare Citizen Organisation in 2002.

21. An Award by Waqar-e-Adab Literary Association was presented for Life Time Achievement for Social Work in 2002.

22. An Award for Social Work by Hazrat Khawaja Fareed Sanghat Academy Pakistan in 2003.

23. In The Name of Allah Award was presented by Waqar-e-Adab Literary Association of Pakistan in 2003.

24. Sitara-e- Imtiaz (Civil Award) for Painting given by Government of Pakistan in 2005.

25. Award by Karachi Gymkhana for Outstanding Performance in Art and Humanitarian Causes in 2005.

26. The Peace Ambassadors Medal by China World Peace Foundation Beijing in 2016.

27. Ambassador For Peace Award given by The Universal Peace Federation and Women's Federation For Peace in 2018.

28. ​Poet Habib Jalib Peace Award given in 2019.